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    When an American client was searching for outdoor furniture, they had naturally expected that the factory that they had sou…

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  • Amrosia Group is a professional project management, product development, and third party inspection firm. We work with clients from around the world that have China outsourcing needs.

    Amrosia is made up of a team of business owners with a combined experience in manufacturing, import/export, and sourcing of 70 years.

    Our corporate office is in Hong Kong and we have branch offices in Southern China, USA (Midwest), and Ireland. All of our staff are bilingual (English and Chinese).

    The origin of the Amrosia name:

    • AM comes from the AMericas (North and South)
    • RO from euROpe
    • SIA from aSIA

    Amrosia’s name represents our clients from the Americas and Europe and our suppliers in Asia.

    Our mission is to help you gain market share in your industry by providing excellent service and quality at competitive prices. We know that your business growth will influence ours, so we are committed to working hard to ensure your success.