Dangerous Goods – Getting Your Products from Here to There

shipping dangerous goods

When sourcing from China, it is often assumed that once a product is found, the associated factory will have the resources to get your finished products where they need to be; unfortunately, this is often not the case. Depending on the goods being shipped, buyers will often run into unexpected difficulties that put their projects at risk, and in today’s globalized world where expediency can be so directly tied revenue, there is no time to have products delayed by bureaucracy and red tape.

Fortunately for a Mexico-based supermarket, an Amrosia client, we were well positioned to help them avoid all of the time-consuming bureaucracy that could have seen their products stuck in China or relegated to a weeks-long trip aboard a ship. Due to their products being labeled “Dangerous Goods”, the factory was unable to ship the goods – insecticides, air fresheners and shaving cream – via air, meaning that the client would lose valuable time getting their products to market.

In order to mitigate this issue, we were able to ship the goods from mainland China to Hong Kong via a trusted forwarded with experience in “Dangerous Goods” logistics, at which point our global logistics center in Hong Kong, in tandem with another experienced Hong Kong forwarder were able to prepare the goods – packing, marking, labeling – and proper documents – Dangerous Goods Declaration, KC form, packing list, and invoice – to have them air freighted to the client quickly and have their products on store shelves for customers to purchase.

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