From Product Sketch to Shipment: A Case Study of Project Management

With a wide variety of clients across the world, our Project Management techniques are tailored to meet our client’s specific and individual needs. This allows us to deliver high quality products based on our customers’ specifications, whatever the contract may be.

Recently we had an order for loose furniture for a five star hotel project in the US. Seventeen different items were required for this project. The client provided very basic line drawings or pictures of the desired items. Since the drawings were only for appearance reference, we made CAD drawings for each item, including all necessary dimensions and notes. After some minor adjustments, the client approved the drawings and sample making began. The order consisted of 17 different furniture items, using 27 different fabrics/leather, and eight different trims. Our firm covered all aspects of manufacturing, from drawing, pre-production sample confirmation, mass production, in-process and final quality control, and shipping.

Due to our location in relation to the client, they did not come to inspect or approve the pre-production samples or mass production items. Instead, we did all of our communication, modification, and approval via photos. Once mass production started, we were able to keep on schedule. One small hitch occurred; the Customer’s Own Material (COM) fabric was delayed by a month. In order to adjust for the delay, our QC team stayed at the factory for two weeks prior to shipment, ensuring the product line was in perfect order, while our Project Manager updated the customer daily on the status of the production line.

Our client was highly satisfied with the delivered furniture and confident in our abilities. With our production costs and emailed photos and status updates, the client was able to save in both travel time and money, as they didn’t need to visit our factory to view the items. After planning around the client’s fabric delay, we were still able to ship within a time that satisfied the client.

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