Knowing the Standards and Meeting Them

When managing the manufacturing of a designer chair for a North American client, Amrosia found that the chairs did not comply with the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association’s (BIFMA) leg strength test. The chair’s 2mm thick tubing on its own was not strong enough to pass the BIFMA tests and changing to 2.5mm or 3.0mm tubing was not an option due to lack of availability in plating grade quality.

In order to strengthen the existing tubes without replacing them outright with thicker versions, unavailable in China, Amrosia recommended a solution to place smaller tubes inside the 2mm thick tubing at critical welded joints.  This change meant the previously weak joints were significantly strengthened, plating quality was not affected, and the chair passed all applicable BIMFA tests.  Prior to sending the chair frames to the North American BIMFA testing lab, we made our own testing equipment to test the strength of the improved design.

Amrosia was able to act as a bridge between our supplier and our client to facilitate the necessary solutions while ensuring that the improved products would pass certification standards.  By maintaining a strict timeline, we made sure development time was as short as possible and open PO’s were shipped on time.  This allowed our client to provide their customer’s with high quality furniture while saving both time and further investment into what could have been a failed product.


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