Gas Water Heaters – new product design, development and market introduction

how to rapidly develop a new product?

The Best of Both Worlds

There are times when a product that may be well suited to your market simply doesn’t exist yet, while the technical know-how is there. How do you take a great idea and turn it into a new product, from research and development, design and finally, production?

Amrosia was presented with just such a case, having been requested to assist in the design of  a new water heater that would be able to operate within two domestic water heating systems – A Solar powered unit located on the roof of a residence and a Gas powered unit. The primary focus of the design was for the gas water heater to only operate when needed, thus saving the end user money while helping the environment.

Amrosia consulted with some of the best manufacturers in Asia, ultimately deciding to work with four suppliers housing the best R&D teams. Having honed the design and after a month of extensive testing and improvements, Amrosia was able to offer our customer 3 different prototypes, of which two are currently undergoing final testing in our customer’s market.

As with all of our projects based on product development and new production introduction, the vast majority of the project is based on product research. We first studied the current workings of Gas Water Heaters and then the potential solutions to it working in unison with an alternative water heating source. We met with a number of suppliers in Asia and had detailed meetings with their R&D teams to discuss possible workable solutions.

Our bilingual and technical staff presented 3 different potential solutions to our customers, giving them an opportunity to meet potential suppliers with the majority of research and ground work already done. After choosing to manufacture a testing sample from two different suppliers, with an aim to choose the most economical unit, we assisted suppliers with testing and guided them through manufacturing difficulties.

Amrosia presented two final samples to our customer, both of which were accepted for testing in their domestic market.

From start to finish, creating and marketing a new product is a monumental task. Working with Amrosia allowed our customer to rely on our skills, including language, communicating with suppliers in Mandarin, the customer in Spanish and technical consultants in English. They also benefited from our position on the ground visiting factories and testing while providing timely updates, saving them both time and travel costs, while their confidence in our technical aptitude allowed us to make real-time adjustments, accelerating the development process and allowing them to invest more of their time in actually selling their new product.

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