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  • Based on market needs and our expertise, AMROSIA has developed 3 core services for our clients. They are Project Management, Product Development, and 3rd Party Inspection.

    Project Management

    Suitable if you have existing products(s) that you’re looking to move offshore. Or if you already have items being made in China but are unhappy with the service, quality, communication, and/or price.

    Using this service you will only deal with us. You will not have to worry about coordinating several factories and personnel. You will work directly with AMROSIA’s Project Managers and Client Directors. It is our job to simplify your communication and work flow.

    Reasons to outsource:

    • Control production and operating costs
    • Gain access to new resources
    • Find new and reliable suppliers
    • Reduce risk
    • Become more competitive in existing or new markets
    • Reduce packaged and end item cost

    At AMROSIA we have the capabilities, experience, and contacts to manage projects from sample making and approval, production planning, start of production, in-process inspection, final inspection, packaging, product shipment, and logistic information. Since we are based full time in Asia, we are able to run our project management from “the factory floor”.

    Our Preferred Vendor Network (PVN) consists of ISO approved and smaller factories that we have inspected and deemed to be reliable suppliers. Our network spans industries and sectors giving us the freedom and capability to recommend the right factory that will meet your needs based on both quality and price.

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    Product Development

    Suitable if you have new items that you would like to have manufactured in China.

    We will use in-house draftsmen along with the factory designers to make drawings and prototypes for your approval. Once you have approved the designs, production will take place using a factory from our Preferred Vendor Network (PVN). At this point the process will be handled in the same fashion as our Project Management Service.

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    3 rd Party Inspection

    Suitable if you already buy in China (or just starting) from YOUR selected factory and need an independent partner to keep an eye on things on the ground.

    AMROSIA will carry out initial inspections and evaluations of your chosen factories. Then we will report back to you with our opinions on their capabilities.

    When production begins, we will carry out inspections in-process and at completion. We take pictures throughout the different stages of inspection and oversee the final packaging and container loading. Our inspection service is flexible to meet your needs and ensures quality products are made and shipped (based on your pre-defined quality standards).

    Inspection Criteria

    We are very experienced with quality inspections at Chinese factories. Our standard inspection criteria include overall appearance, function, cleanliness, and color and then gets as specific as you require to ensure all your standards are inspected and met.

    This service will save you time and money by:

    • Eliminating defective product being delivered
    • Reducing the frequency of costly trips to China
    • Freeing your staff to concentrate on things in your market

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