Norde Anglia Abu Dhabi School – Multi-faceted sourcing, design and manufacturing

In today’s global market, products can be made up of parts and components sourced from all over the world, from a multitude of suppliers. But how does a company take the plethora of suppliers in regions around the globe and receive an end product manufactured on time and within budget? In 2009, Amrosia was presented with just such a case.

In June of 2009 one of Amrosia’s clients was contracted by the Norde Anglia School of Abu Dhabi to provide 600 furniture related items sourced from 12 different suppliers by the beginning of August, to be ready by the time the school opened in September.

With such a short lead time and a large number of suppliers, Amrosia was able to develop 40 new project-specific items working with several different factories to produce several final products. While the majority of the materials for the project were initially sourced inChina, some of the fabric was sourced by the client in theU.S., but given the tight lead time, wasn’t able to arrive on time. Amrosia mitigated this problem by sourcing equivalent material inChina, maintaining the promised delivery date. At the same time, an in-process inspection revealed that the quality of a certain iron powder coating did not meet the customer’s quality requirements, which was quickly replaced, again saving time.

The 600 products, sourced from 12 different factories ultimately found their way to our factory for final assembly, inspection and shipment arriving on time to specification in time for the school’s opening in September.

What was crucial for the success of not just this, but every project, is the ability to intimately understand and communicate the requirements of our clients to suppliers and take into account the unique requirements of the environment in which those products will be used. Specific to this project, as the furniture was destined for a school, were the safety packaging and functions of the products that had to be taken into account during the design and production phase. Ultimately, our client received their 600 products sourced from 12 different suppliers, valued at USD $250,000 within two months of placing their order with us. On time and in budget.

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