UV Protection – Combining our Strengths on the Ground for a Positive Outcome

When an American client was searching for outdoor furniture, they had naturally expected that the factory that they had sourced would be able to comply with their 2-year warranty and UV treatment to protect the products from the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to the sun. To their surprise, the factory was unable to comply with these requirements; furthermore, they were unable to find a factory that could.

In order to mitigate any delays in the client’s order, Amrosia was able to first ship their initial order, ensuring that the bulk of the shipment would arrive with time to spare. Amrosia worked with a reputable sun-proofing factory in Shanghai that supplied the material, which was then upholstered at Amrosia’s own seating assembly facilities. The order was completed and delivered on time and to the client’s specifications.

In shipping the main components of the order first, those that would take longest to arrive, while completing the remaining portion of the project, using our sourcing and assembly competencies and then shipping the fabric via FedEx, we were able to save the client critical time, while ensuring that their products were delivered as ordered.

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