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  • The Value Add – Simplifying a Product Range to Increase the Value of Your Offerings

    Following a beneficial partnership on a wide range of products with a Mexican supermarket, Amrosia, in tandem with our part…

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  • Do you know that outsourcing some of your production to China makes perfect business sense, but you’re a little unsure of how to begin?

    Talk to us. We can help.

    Our team of Western and Asian experienced business professionals have been on the ground in Asia for many years. We have a wealth of contacts and access to factories and factory owners in many manufacturing disciplines as well as investment in a few factories. We look to partner with clients in other parts of the world that have China outsourcing needs and wish to tap into our network of contacts and cultural expertise.

    We are selective with the clients we choose to partner with and expect the same selectivity from our clients when choosing us.

    Our business is thriving and new clients mostly come to us via referrals. Reasons our new clients ask us to help them include:

    • Reduce production and operating costs
    • Improve supply chain
    • Gain access to new resources
    • Find new/reliable suppliers
    • Diversify/reduce risk
    • Open a new market
    • Become more competitive in existing or new markets
    • Reduce packaged and end item cost
    • Free up capital and internal resources
    • Not cost effective to manage Asian projects from home office

    Our clients appreciate that we focus on quality and service, and then price. This means you benefit from the cost savings of outsourcing in China without sacrificing service, quality, and/or communication because we are a Western company based in the East.