World Cup – Mass Sourcing and Inspection

Quality or quantity, why not both?

When sourcing large amounts of the same product, while in many respects simplifies the sourcing process, can also result in potential problems where quality issues are masked by the volume of products on hand, much like finding a needle in a needle stack, how do you find defects in massive numbers of identical products? Amrosia was faced with this issue in April of 2010, prior to the World Cup in South Africa.

In April of 2010, Amrosia was contracted by our long-time client to ensure the quality and manufacturing lead time of 30,000 chairs been produced at two different factories to be delivered to South Africa prior to the 2010 World Cup. During this process our inspectors had to take into account the sample production, dimensions, color and material quality to ensure that our customer was getting what they wanted.

The project experienced a setback when our inspectors were forced to reject 15,000 chairs for substandard quality. As this would ultimately affect the manufacturing lead time, Amrosia was able to develop a solution and fix the 15,000 chairs within two days of identifying the problem. Amrosia also assisted the factories with proper packaging to ensure that the products were not damaged en route to South Africa, while also assisting with shipping arrangements.

Few events are quite so exciting as the World Cup and when a businesses revenue depends on having places for customers to sit for a once in a lifetime event, lead times are critically important. Amrosia was able to spur to action the manufacturers while maintaining the quality of the products and ensuring that they were delivered properly and on time to South Africa.

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